10 Months Later: You’re a Warrior

10 months ago today we received the devastating news of Avery’s diagnosis.

Still grieving the loss of her great grandma to Lymphoma, hearing the word LEUKEMIA” sent us right back to that world.

One that didn’t end well for us.

We’ve had to remind ourselves several times over the past 10 months that Avery’s story is her own.

She’s writing it. It’s not already written with the same ending as the one we experienced before.

Avery is so strong. The bravest little girl we know.

And she’s not done.

We know the bone marrow transplant will not be an easy path for her either, but we’re prepared to walk alongside her every step of the way.

10 months ago we were one of 285 families that got the news.

Yet Avery was only one of 100 infants diagnosed with Leukemia last year.

Our fight isn’t over… and won’t be for some time.

Another child, another family, is starting their fight today.

We hate knowing there are others in this battle.

The pediatric cancer world is not a club we’ve joined willingly, but we’re grateful for the support and fellowship we’ve found along the way.

It’s been a long 10 month journey, and we have many more months left ahead.


Thank you for loving on our sweet girl from across the world.

And thank you for holding space for Avery and every young warrior.

We’re so grateful for each of you.

Please keep lifting our sweet girl up as we head into the final week of her Bridging Chemo.

Her next biopsy is on 9/30 and then, hoping there is no MRD, her transplant will come mid-October…

Just before she turns one.

The title, “You’re a warrior,” goes with the audio over her newest Reel if you want to take a look on Instagram.

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