4 Months Ago Today Everything Changed

4 months today

122 days since we were given the news that would completely change everything in our world.

During that time, we’ve learned to prioritize what really matters.

We’ve grown closer to each other and realized who truly belongs in our inner circle.

We’ve seen how strong and brave Avery is.

She has fought cancer like the mighty warrior she is… and won.

And she’ll win again.

We all can only wish we had her strength; especially on the hard days.

Perhaps it’s the gloomy skies or simply the anticipation of starting over again next week, but today has been a hard day.

Please continue to lift up Avery, as well as Mom, Dad, Big Sis, and the rest of our family.

Next week will be an emotional one as we begin again.

Plus, Avery’s 6 month birthday is Sunday, and we won’t all be able to be with her to celebrate it.

Of course, we’re always praying for REMISSION and then, CURED.

This is why we’re asking everyone (especially those 18-44) to join the registry at Be The Match to be included in the search!

A FREE kit will be sent to you. Just mail it back ASAP.

You can easily click this link https://join.bethematch.org/everAvery or simply text everavery to 61474

Help us bring awareness by sharing with others.

Remember: YOU could be the CURE!

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