A Lot of Changes in a Short Time

Possible infection

When Avery arrived in the ER on Sunday, Mom was concerned with the way the blood draw was taken.

She’s been doing this long enough to know how things should be done.

Well, the labs came back today and show a bacterial infection.

One doctor isn’t sure it’s actually an infection based on other factors, but her oncologist is not willing to take any risks.

So, they’re treating it as an active infection and Avery is starting two separate general antibiotics to cover any and all infections.

They did another blood draw to re-test, but we won’t have those results for another 48 hours because they have to grow cultures in the lab.

Therefore, due to the possibility of an infection, and wanting to stay proactive, they are transporting Avery to Dallas today.

Children’s Dallas is better equipped for the possibility that Avery will need any specialized treatment, they have a Hematologist at the hospital around the clock, and their ICU is better equipped, if needed.

They will keep her there for at least 10 days to run the course of antibiotics.

Then, they may extend the stay to go ahead and harvest her bone marrow for the CAR T-cell therapy in two weeks.

Papa and I are taking Big Sis up to see them for a while before they leave Plano and then will need to put together a plan to get Big Sis closer to Dallas for the next 2 weeks.

Finally, Avery’s ANC was 480, but we know it’ll continue to drop since she had chemo last week.

Her Hgb was at 6.9, so she is going to be getting a blood transfusion today as well.

  • Please pray it’s not an infection, and, if it is, they are able to quickly stop it without any adverse effects on Avery.
  • Second, pray for strength for Mom & Dad. Everything is happening very fast and they are overwhelmed… and really missing Big Sis.

Finally, please help us by sharing and/or donating to the GoFundMe if you can.

They won’t know until next week if their insurance is going to approve the new treatment, plus we’ll be looking at another hotel or Airbnb in Dallas for the next couple of weeks.

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