Guess who’s back in ICU?

Respiratory came in to take a listen to her since we’ve been watching her respiratory rate all day.

They decided to put her on heated high flow oxygen at 8L.

The idea behind it is the O2 helps her lungs a bit more and gives the rest of her body some rest.

It was when they had to bump her up to 10L that she had to go back to ICU.

Fortunately, we made some friends last time, and she LOVES the big bedside TVs up here, so she’s doing well.

As for Mom, can y’all keep her in prayer?

When I (Ma) left the hospital today around 4pm, Mom was experiencing some stomach and back pain.

She couldn’t get the pain under control and she has a history of ovarian cysts. At least one rupture.

We also thought maybe kidney stones.

So she’s been in the ER for a couple of hours trying to find the cause of the pain.

No doubt all of the stress is wearing on her physically.

Dad is with her now while Papa and I stay with Avery tonight in ICU.

When we say cancer wears on the entire family, we mean it WEARS on us all. Mentally, physically, and emotionally.


Avery is sleeping. Doing well. Working on keeping her stats stable with the extra oxygen.

The Dr said Mom is under so much stress that the muscles in her back from her neck down are so tight that they’re causing an incredible amount of pain all down her back and around to her stomach.

She said they had to use Morphine to stop the pain. The Dr is sending her home on muscle relaxers, nausea meds, and plenty of bed rest.

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