ANC Took a Dramatic Dive

Look at that sweet face!

Avery hasn’t quite figured out the walker, but she’s always excited about new toys.

Mom and Dad are constantly trying to find new ways to entertain her and help her practice motor skills.

Avery’s appetite is still a bit up and down, but, overall, she’s maintaining her weight. So, the doctors are not very concerned at this point.

We’re sure once the chemo meds start to flush out, it should help her appetite return, and she’ll get back to her normal eating schedule.

Her ANC took a dramatic dive today; cut in half from yesterday.

For now, we continue in a holding pattern with her numbers. We’ll watch them fall and then wait for them to come back up so we can move to the next phase of her treatment.

Keep praying she stays clear of infections and doesn’t feel too bad once her numbers collectively drop.

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