infant in yellow bamboo romper and wooden rattle

Avery and I had a great day!

Mom’s allergies were kicking her booty this morning, so out of an abundance of caution, I went to the hospital.

No complaints here!

Mom got some rest and Dad spent the day with Big Sis.

Oh! And there were NO BLASTS today!

Good day all around!

The only “not good” news today was that they did find a very minute amount of Leukemia cells in her spinal fluid from last week’s Lumbar Puncture.

Therefore, she’ll have another LP on Thursday where they’ll send at least two (possibly three) chemo meds into her spine to try to stop the spread.

Otherwise, the doctors say she looks great! Her diaper rash is almost completely gone, she’s eating well, and gives us all the smiles.

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