Avery’s Journey is Changing
  • WBC: 2.1
  • Hgb: 8.8
  • Platelets: 121
  • ANC: 530

As we discovered last week, Avery’s journey is changing.

The transition to CAR-T therapy means a few changes are coming.

Here are today’s bullet points after talking with her Oncologist:

  • Avery takes a daily antifungal medicine to help keep infections away. With CAR-T, she will be switched to a stronger antifungal.
  • IV fluids have finally be lowered to 14 (from 28) now that she has been eating and having plenty of wet/dirty diapers again.
  • PT came in to day to play for a while this morning and said Avery is right on track developmentally, and even advanced in certain areas
  • They ran labs to prepare for harvesting her T-cells and they look great! Just where they need them to be.
  • Harvest day (where they will take her T cells for the CAR T therapy-more on this later) is tentatively set for next Monday, 4/19. insurance is still pending, hence the tentative date
  • The day before Harvest Day, Avery will have another bone marrow biopsy to see how well the Methotrexate contained the cancer cells before starting CAR-T. She will also have a new port inserted for the harvest.

The care team all say she is doing amazing even through everything her body is enduring.

Her doctors currently have no worries for her and have told Mom & Dad to expect a “pretty chill week” as they await harvest day next Monday.

Thanks to all who have checked on us this; we’re holding on.

Remember to join the registry at Be The Match if you would like to be included in the search!

Just click this link https://join.bethematch.org/everAvery or simply text everavery to 61474

Keep praying for remission. That is, once again, our goal.

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