Before and After Trend

There were so many parts of Avery’s journey that could fit this trend.

Her fight has been anything but easy.

During CAR-T she battled the 2 hardest side effects: CRS and Neurotoxicity.

With her Bone Marrow Transplant, she was hit with pretty much every side effect possible.

PRES, VOD, GAVE, GVHD and more that may or may not have their own acronyms.

Not to mention, the most heart wrenching part of her journey over the past year: the day she stopped breathing.

She spent 8 days on a ventilator, but even then, she showed how strong she was.

The sedatives and paralytics they used to try to keep her still and calm couldn’t even keep her down.

We believe Avery is going to do BIG things.

Her story has reached thousands worldwide and our hope is that she continues to impact more.

It’s not about anything more than helping to create awareness.

Childhood cancer isn’t rare. And our children deserve more than 4% of research funding.

Sharing Avery’s story helps us continue to shed light on much needed change in the world of pediatric cancer.

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