Big Week Ahead in Terms of Next Steps


When you’re learning to sit, roll over, and crawl in a hospital, your crib is where you spend a large part of your time.

She has a play mat, but she prefers her bed.

Today was Avery and Daddy day.

I (Ma) stayed with her last night so Mom and Dad could come home for a night with Big Sis.

Dad switched with me this morning and Mom stayed to visit with us; heading back this evening.

It’s going to be a long week, so they wanted to get plenty of quality time with Big Sis.

Back to Avery, her platelets are up! Liver numbers are down. And ANC is very slowly rising. All good news.

Our schedule this week looks something like this:

  • Monday: FISH results from Thursday’s biopsy
  • Tuesday: Follow-up bone marrow biopsy
  • Wednesday: Preliminary biopsy results
  • Thursday: New FISH results (hopefully)
  • Friday: Start CAR-T or begin new round of chemo (all of this depends on biopsy results)

Please continue to keep Avery in your thoughts this week. It’s a big one!

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