Bit of a Roller Coaster

Uncharted Territory

(admin note: don’t worry, the blanket was removed after the photo was taken; it was there to block the light in her eyes for a moment)

Today was a bit of a roller coaster.

If you’ve ever tried sleeping in the hospital, you know you don’t really sleep in the hospital.

Avery had to be changed every 2 hours, in addition to the nurses and techs coming in for labs and vitals.

So, she was tired today and seemed to be in a small degree of pain/discomfort.

It could be pain from the procedures yesterday (back and hip), a headache or bone pain from the chemo, or simple lack of sleep.

She had a couple crying bouts (which she rarely ever has) and then would typically feel better after some Tylenol or a nap, or combo of the two.

It’s really hard to tell considering she’s too young to relay what’s bothering her.

Therefore, Mom & Dad have to work with the (new to them) medical team in Plano to keep Avi comfortable.

And when she’s comfy, she’s been talking (a lot) and smiling (which is normal).

The chemo meds ended at 6:45pm and a baseline urine sample was taken to access the amount of chemo in her system.

They’ll continue monitoring the levels to see how quickly it flushes out and HOPEFULLY she’ll be able to go home tomorrow evening.

Keep praying for no more adverse side effects (infection or sores), a bit more sleep tonight, and discharge tomorrow.

To summarize, our specific prayer requests:

  • no infections
  • no mouth sores
  • labs and procedures continue to show no sign of cancer

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