I’m getting so many questions about how she is feeling…

This was her this morning!

Yesterday she slept most of the day.

She was still so groggy and not feeling great from the transplant.

She woke up slowly this morning and gradually began to think about talking and playing

.She started by sitting up and chewing on her paci. Twisting it around in her hand.

Then, she found her voice (she was hoarse yesterday) and was saying her favorite two words:

“Wawa”(?) and “Mama.”

We decided to see if she wanted to play in her bed (she’s still hooked up to several lines so it’s easiest) and she was hesitant at first.

But, soon she put down her paci, started picking up toys, and then was ready to dance to her favorite songs.

We were hoping this weekend would be good for her. In fact, we’re hoping she is able to feel this good through Monday.

It’s her 1st BIRTHDAY and we’ll be celebrating her at the hospital with our favorite care team.

Keep lifting her up.

We’re just getting started on this next chapter.

Pray for engraftment and no adverse side effects (particularly chronic GVHD).

*see yesterday’s post for more info on the side effects

For now, we’re taking this win and enjoying having her back to herself.

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