BMT DAY +101

Unfortunately, although a big milestone, everything doesn’t magically go back to “normal” once they hit day +100.

At her clinic appointment today, her labs showed she was dehydrated.

She’s been taking in at least half of her feeds orally, so Mom is taking her back to round the clock feedings for a few days.

They’re also going to try a different Peptide for oral feedings. One that older kids have expressed tastes better.

She hasn’t really wanted to drink the formula, plus she still throws up a couple times a day, so they’re trying to find the right balance.

Plus, according to today’s nurse, there was no order to draw blood for the FISH.

FISH, fluorescence in situ hybridization, is a laboratory-based test that zooms in on the chromosomes.

In Avery’s case, they’ll pull 200 cells and see what percentage have the Y chromosome.

We’re hoping it’s 100%!

They should pull the blood samples at her next clinic appointment (on Wednesday) and we probably won’t hear back on any results until the following week.

Until then, we’ll keep BELIEVING that she is going to be 100% her donor… and continue to work on getting her feeds to be more stable.

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