BMT DAY +102

Did you know yesterday was #NationalComplimentDay?

Although we may not have realized it, so many of you came through in our messages and comments for Mom.

After a long, hard day with Avery (she lost some weight, was dehydrated, and really struggling emotionally), Mom shared her emotions in our Stories.

Then came “that one comment” that was exactly the kind of response that spurred our last Instagram Reel.

And then SO MANY OF YOU showed up in our DMs supporting Avery and Mom.

The healing doesn’t stop once we get home.

It doesn’t stop for Avery. Her methadone wean is affecting her physically and emotionally.

Today’s video (on IG) was taken AFTER giving her Hycet.

We could see the transformation in her. And it was almost immediate.

This confirms that her symptoms are withdrawals.

Therefore, while at clinic tomorrow, the Pain Management team will discuss whether or not they should slow down her wean.

From excessive yawning, her sad demeanor, constant vomiting, to her reaction to Hycet, all of it points to withdrawals.

As for Mom and the rest of us. This past year has been incredibly traumatic.

There’s nothing like an early morning call telling us all to “get to the hospital right away to say our goodbyes.”

Then standing on the top of the parking garage holding each other close, staring at said hospital, waiting for news she’s going to be alright.

Collectively, we’re ALL healing.

If you read Mom’s thoughts in our Stories, you’ll see some of that.

All that to say, Avery is still healing. We’re still healing.

We’re still helping her push through these hard days because we KNOW there are better ones coming.

Thank you for lifting her up with us.

For holding space, not only for Avery, but for our family as well.

Together, with you alongside us, we’re going to help Avery get through this.

She has at least 2 more weeks of the wean.

Let’s hope we start seeing improvements then.

Finally, and equally important, she has her 100 day lab draws tomorrow.

Please join us in BELIEVING she’s still 100% her donor!

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