BMT DAY +103

Post-Nap S T R E T C H

Today was her first actual clinic day with her BMT Doctor.

She had to get an infusion with her pneumonia prevention medicine.

As a reminder: her immune system can take 6-12 months to fully recover

Her weight was down .1g from Monday. But, she was no longer dehydrated.

Plus, all of her CBC numbers looked great! White blood count, Hgb, platelets and ANC were perfect.

Not to mention, it was the first time her Port was accessed and Mom said she was more annoyed/offended by being touched than hurt by the needle.

Unfortunately, she threw up on the way to the hospital and is still quite nauseous.

In fact, today’s infusion can also cause nausea, so they’re going to schedule 2 nausea meds around the clock to try to stay ahead of it.

This will also hopefully help as they increase her feeds to try to bring her weight back up. It’s always a game of trail and error unfortunately.

Trying to find her sweet spot with feeds and medicines.

Her Dr did say that she is no longer on diet restrictions (she was on a bacteria-free diet) and can eat Chipotle beans or ice cream if she wants. (Apparently the Dr remembered she likes those beans)

Whatever we can get her to eat is fine!

Finally, they drew her blood for the FISH test. Now we wait.

Continuing to BELIEVE she’s still 100% her donor.

Otherwise, we’re working on helping her feel better, keep her meals down, and get back to being herself.

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