BMT DAY +104

Well, if you’ve watched our (enormous amount of) Stories this morning, you may have got a sneak peek at Avi this morning.

Which might have made you stop and look closer.

And some of you even messaged to confirm your suspicions.

Yes! Her tube is out.

What had happened was…

Late last night, after continuing to throw up no matter what we gave her (we used every medicinal resource we were given), she began dry heaving.

She had absolutely nothing left in her little body.

During this intense dry heaving situation, the Tube all but came out.

Once we lifted her back up, it was completely out. I can’t say we were sad about it.

We called the NP and weighed our options. Sitting in the ER all night didn’t sound good to us.

Therefore, Papa and I came over to spend the night so we had 4 able bodies to help with Avi through the night.

We worked to make sure she stayed fed and hydrated in place of her overnight feeds.

Since the tube came out (around 12am), she’s had 10oz of Peptide + 4 oz of water.

REMINDER: Her goal for the day is 24 oz.

Her Dr called this morning to check how the night went and said as long as she’s keeping fluids down, we can wait until tomorrow to bring her in.

The best part? She’s thrown up ONCE since the tube came out.

Nowhere near the volume she has been throwing up.

So… one emesis in over 12 hours isn’t bad.

We’ll see how the rest of the day goes, but so far, so good. Oh! And she hasn’t had any runny diapers and had a full wet diaper, which she hasn’t had in days.

(And we haven’t used Lasix since Monday).

We’re hoping she can continue to prove herself without the tube because… well… we do.

Finally, we had well over 100 questions during our Q&A yesterday on Instagram!

We answered as many unique ones as we could. Plus a few in Spanish/Portuguese!

Check our “BMT FAQ” highlight on IG to see them all!

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