BMT DAY +108 part 1

Clinic days can wear a girl out. Lots of waiting.

But, it was a good appointment!

All of her liver numbers look great!

No more signs of dehydration.

Sodium and chloride are great!

Basically, all of her labs looked great today!

Not to mention, HER WEIGHT IS UP!

It may only be up a bit, but as long as it’s trending upwards, then the doctors are happy!

And that keeps us happy!

Plus, Avery’s been in a pretty good mood today.

Dancing in her high chair, smiling in the swing when sister pushed her, and letting one of her aunts hold her without being sad.

All are definitely worth some praise!

We do have one (non-Avi) PRAYER REQUEST:

Dad got laid off this afternoon.

Considering he was the sole income provider AND source of insurance, this was a big (unexpected) blow.

Please pray for their finances, anxious minds, and a new job WITH BENEFITS!

Thank y’all for continuing to lift up Avery & family.

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