BMT DAY +109

Someone likes her new toothbrush.

And some days it truly is the simplest things.

She hasn’t felt like sleeping much today, but she has continued eating!

One of those keeps Mom happy.

She also had Speech Therapy this afternoon. It was her first real session at home.

Fortunately her therapist remembered she loves Super Simple Songs and let her listen to them as they worked.

Plus, the therapist was excellent at letting Avery become familiar with her and allowing Avi to slowly transition into therapy.

It went great and, weather-permitting, she’ll be back later this week.

That’s the other part of the day.

Those of us in Texas may be experiencing a bit of PTSD from last February.

We spent days without electricity (and sometimes water) during a frigid ice storm.

Well, we have more of that coming tomorrow, so we’ve spent today prepping for it.

We were even able to grab Avi’s prescriptions for the week today to help speed up the process at clinic tomorrow.

Finally, thank you all who sent job leads to Dad!

We’re looking at everything sent, updating his resume, and beginning the job search.

We appreciate all of your help and prayers!

As far as Avi, let’s pray she sleeps tonight!

Her and sister were both up before 5am and everyone could use a good night’s rest!

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