BMT DAY +111

Mom said Avery was having some serious FOMO watching Big Sis play in the snow.

The great thing is… since she’s no longer in the hospital… she could actually get out there and join her today!

At least for a little bit.

And you can see by the smile on her face that she loved it!

I cannot get enough of her smiles lately!

When she called Papa and I to say, “good morning,” today she was smiling!

We haven’t seen a random morning smile like that in so long.

Plus, she’s been drinking more today (she’s been favoring more solids than liquids this week) and is sleeping better.

We’re seeing “our Avery” returning and it’s such a thrill to see!

Hoping we can catch more smiles and dancing in the days ahead.

Finally, not sure if you can tell with her all wrapped up, but we’re also seeing some chubby cheeks starting to take shape.

It’s definitely a good news day for our sweet girl.

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