BMT DAY +112

Don’t let her half smile here fool ya, she has been full of lots of smiles today.

Big, whole face smiles!

In fact, she had her new at-home OT visit today and did really well with her.

He was helping her into crawling position and, instead of getting upset, she was talking to him.

“Wa wa wa wa wa wa.”

We’re not sure what she’s saying yet, but she’d definitely starting to do a lot more talking and it’s such a thrill to hear!

She slept until 10:30am and got a full 13 hours of sleep last night.

She’s still eating well, playing, and watching her big sister run around the house.

Normal” family time at the home is truly the best.

We’ve waited so long for days such as these and we’re just taking them all in now.

Savoring every moment.

As today is #WorldCancerDay, we’re thinking of all those currently fighting, those surviving, and those we’ve lost.

  • Childhood cancer survival rates are over 80% in high-income countries but as low as 20% in low-income countries.
  • Cancer kills nearly 10 million people a year and some 70% of those are aged 65 or older, yet older populations face disproportionate barriers to effective treatment.
  • There are notable differences in cancer-related outcomes for rural and nonrural patients, even in high-income settings such as the US.

Use your voice to show support to help #CloseTheCareGap

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