BMT DAY +113

This is life getting back to normal for us.

Mom and Dad decided to bring the girls to Ma & Papa’s house after being snowed in for 2 days.

And, for the first time since she’s been home, she didn’t have anxiety about being here.

She played, without Mom & Dad nearby, and had one-on-one time with her aunts.

She took two naps and let us all have a chance at holding her.

Unfortunately, she did vomit today too. But, we’re pretty sure it was her formula.

She’s been on Peptide since coming off the Tube, but we ran out and the ice delayed her next shipment.

So, we used Kate Farms for the first time this afternoon and it didn’t seem to sit well on her stomach.

Otherwise, she’s been doing well.

Seeing her transition back into her place in our family dynamic is the best!

Her aunts (and uncle) truly missed her while she was in the hospital and it feels so good to have our family whole again.

Let’s hope it was just the formula today + Mom and Dad can find the Peptide somewhere locally.

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