BMT DAY +116

Seeing that smile on her face is everything.

Mom said she woke up in a great mood today; as you can see here.

Dancing, smiling, and playing with sister.

Instagram Reel:

THIS is the Avery we saw every day before transplant.

Yes, we know she’ll get there again, and it’s days like this that give us the greatest hope.

We’ve often wondered how much her transplant journey will change her. Especially emotionally.

She had quite a rough go and we know she carries emotional trauma from it.

Yes, her (physical) therapists are working through things on their end, but it’s the emotional side we won’t see until later.

Until then, we’ll keep celebrating days like this one.

As well as the days where she keeps all of her food down, has just enough diapers, and gains a bit of weight.

In addition to the days where she just wants to rest, doesn’t quite feel like eating, or doesn’t wear a smile.

Every day with her is a gift we don’t take for granted.

And, yes, as many have said, she’s running a marathon here; not a sprint.

You got this, Avi!

You’re doing such an incredible job.

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