BMT DAY +117

Two things in this photo:

First, the smile! We’ve caught so many today (not all on camera though).

Second, she’s smiling while in her aunt’s arms.

It never stops exciting us to see bits of pre-BMT Avery coming through.

She’s always been such a happy baby and we love seeing her smile more and more each day.

Plus, she’s been at our house (Ma & Papa’s) all afternoon and has been in a great mood!

(After a great day at clinic)

As you can see here, she’s playing with her aunts, dancing to her songs, grabbing toys, no anxiety at all.

We know this recovery period can take time, and we’ll give her every minute she needs, so it’s such a joy to see the transitions.

To see Avery feeling more comfortable at home, with her family, and with herself.

A lot of it is confidence in her own ability to do things. She’s getting there a little step at a time.

And we’re going to to walk beside her the whole way.

Keep going, Avi!

You’re doing amazing!

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