BMT DAY +12 sleeping while elevated

It may be hard to tell from the photos, but her care team says she is making progress!

Her nurse today said this morning she was sure Avery would end the day in ICU.

The team decided to go ahead and start steroids, rather than waiting for her to NEED them, and they seemed to help tremendously.

Avery needed a little oxygen last night to help her O2 stay up, plus her heart rate was a little high.

After steroids, both of those improved.


Her face, although still very rough looking, actually looks better. We’re doing our best to help keep it moist.

Her lips are incredibly chapped, so plenty of chapstick being used.

The main concern at this point is the fluid retention.

She was given Lasix again this afternoon and has had a couple wet diapers. Really hoping she has a few more overnight.

Her belly is still distended, so we’re keeping a close eye on it, and her numbers, to watch for VOD (as mentioned yesterday).

And, there is some good news!

  • WBC: 0.4 (+0.2 from yesterday)
  • ANC: 300 (+190)

So we are seeing her numbers starting to rise, which signals engraftment.

She took a paci today for the first time in a couple days.

Her itching is tapering off.

The Mucositis is improving.

She is getting more, much needed, rest.

The IV in her arm is out.

We actually heard a bit of her voice today when she whimpered or tried to talk.

BMT DAY +12 music therapy

And, as you can see above, she had Music Therapy today and absolutely loved it!

She even tried dancing a little to it.

She’s making strides… and we’ll take every win she gets!

Keep lifting her up!

We cannot thank everyone enough for the support we’ve received over the past few days.

Again, we collectively want to say, THANK YOU for loving on our sweet girl.

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