BMT DAY +123

Yes, she has worn this cute little Kate Quinn bear hat all day.

She doesn’t seem to mind it at all. And it’s the cutest thing.

Of course, she’s only been okay wearing it because she’s feeling much better today.

She’s been smiling, dancing, and talking more today. Still eating well.

Although she was not excited for speech therapy this morning. She prefers doing everything in her own time.

She’ll be back at clinic tomorrow for her weekly check in, as well as her TMA medicine and anti-pneumonia infusion.

We’ll also see how they choose to do the wean. Do we go down again tomorrow? Wait?

We’re ready for her to be off the Methadone for good, but want to go at a slow pace to make sure she does well with it.

Always, one day at a time.

We take each day as it comes and never take one day for granted.

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