BMT DAY +125

A quiet day is a good day.

Avery started the day with physical therapy, which wasn’t her favorite, but she did well.

Big Sis loved the therapy time though.

Avery has found sensory play to be her new favorite thing and would rather spend her day doing that.

She’s never liked being “controlled” or made to do things by her therapists, so none of this is too surprising.

Fortunately, she adapts and does well at learning with her therapists as she grows used to them.

Otherwise, it’s just been a slow day at home with her family.

Speaking of, so many have been asking about Dad’s job situation…

He was offered a freelance job that began Sunday a week ago.

It’s been keeping him busy and pays well enough… but no benefits.

So, he’s continuing to look for a full time position that can offer benefits.

He had a second interview with a company today, so we’re hoping it goes well.

We appreciate everyone’s continued prayers and encouragement through this time.

Hopefully something will come soon enough.

You’ve all been amazing at sending the job leads, tips, and prayers.

Thank you.

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