BMT DAY +126

In case you’re curious how each day goes trying to grab one good picture to share.

Sure, they’re all great but we do try to catch her smiling when possible.

She’s actually been in a really good mood today.

BMT DAY +126 photo shoot

She had Speech Therapy today and did so well!

She even let her therapist hold her and feed her… without whining at all.

BMT DAY +126 photo shoot

Avery played with her, talked to her, and even gave the therapist her favorite toothbrush.

And that trend continued throughout the day.

BMT DAY +126 photo shoot

Smiling. Talking. Laughing. Playing. All the things a baby her age should be doing.

Speaking of age, she is 16 months old today!

After all, every “birthday” is one to celebrate.

BMT DAY +126 photo shoot

Fortunately, Avi was in the mood to give us big smiles, eat plenty, and simply enjoy the day.

She hasn’t had a “birthday” as easy as this one in months.

Happy 16 months, Avi!

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