BMT DAY +128

Relishing each and every smile.

Avery’s been doing great this weekend.

She even slept through the night last night!

It was the first time in weeks.

(Mom & Dad are both grateful for that)

Avery’s been playing well, napping great, and eating plenty.

As we mentioned yesterday, each day we inch a little more towards “normal.”

We do wean her Methadone again tomorrow.

As a reminder: we’re only going down 0.1 each time we wean.

It’s a very slow wean and we now have it spaced out to about 10 days (rather than 2-3) to help her through the symptoms.

We’re hoping we don’t see much in the way of withdrawals, but they typically appear 48 hours after the drop.

That puts us at Wednesday, which is clinic day.

She’ll also get her pneumonia preventative meds at clinic, and they tend to make her nauseous as well.

But we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

Today was another bright, sunshiny day.

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