BMT DAY +129

I think we’ve found the one person that can always make Avery laugh is her sister.

We took the girls out to a nearby state park to enjoy the warm weather today and Avery loved watching her sister run ahead.

BMT DAY +129

When Sister got in the wagon with her, Avery was all smiles. (Even when her silly sister pretended to sleep next to her).

She giggles and smiles at her Big Sister consistently.

BMT DAY +129

They both enjoy being outdoors. This is one reason we picked the dream trip we did.

We’re not comfortable flying with Avery yet. And she likes the car, but we’re not sure for how long.

So, we chose a house in the Texas Hill Country (near Austin) that sits on over 100 acres and has a ton of fun stuff to do.

BMT DAY +129

Beyond the pool and hot tub, scenic views, and space for all of us, it also has a fire pit for s’mores, hiking trails, and even its own football field!

We’re excited about getting out of Dallas for a minute, staying close to major hospitals, and simply enjoying our time together as a family.

Thank you for donating, sharing, and just celebrating the idea of a getaway for our family.

Find more about Avery’s One At A Time campaign here.

Sometimes a simple change of scenery helps to reset and recharge.

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