BMT DAY +136

The swing is such a magical place for her.

The moment she slides into it, she smiles.

She can be whining and mad, but once you set her down in the swing, her entire demeanor changes.

It’s a combination of the warm weather, being outside, and comfort of her swing.

BMT DAY +136 swing

It’s her happy place.

Fortunately Avery has only been sad today because she fought her sleep for most of the afternoon.

She’s eating great, sleeping well, and overall doing fine.

She’s really enjoy yogurt right now and even tried mac and cheese last night.

Avery and Ry are working on building a great sister bond and love to laugh together.

Avery was delighted when Ry joined her outside on the swing set. (Sister was waiting for Papa to come push her in the picture of them together).

BMT DAY +136 swing

We’re relishing the good, normal, days. Her next taper is Wednesday and we’re really hoping she does well with it.

Last week was so rough and for everyone’s sake, especially Avery’s, we’re really hoping this week is easier.

Living in the moment during this time.

Can never get enough of her smiles.

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