BMT DAY +137

Avery woke up in a great mood and Ry has been all over her.

They have been playing, giggling, and simply having the best day!

The weather was warm enough for them to swing outside.

Avery’s been happy.

She’s been playing on the floor. And even trying to pull up.

She’s still eating well. Sleeping great. Things with her are really good at the moment.

Which brings us to the next Methadone taper.

Avery was supposed to have clinic tomorrow, where she was going to get her TMA medicine, pneumonia preventive, and blood work.

REMINDER: The TMA med is $30K/dose.

Well, the hospital called this afternoon after realizing their insurance expired yesterday.

That meant they’ve been on the phone all day trying to get Medicaid expedited, but couldn’t get it done in time for tomorrow.

So, labs have been pushed to Friday and her infusions will have to be next Wednesday… Medicaid pending.

We’ll keep hoping for the best with the insurance. We need something to move forward because cash pay really isn’t a viable option.

Keep believing for Medicaid to come through… and a good job for Dad with benefits!

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