post central line replacement nap

If you read our earlier update, you know that she was having her Central Line replaced, as well as a stent put in her side.

The Central Line placement went well and the stent did as it was supposed to: they removed 400cc of fluid with the first drain.

post procedure with bloody face

Her face (size) is already looking better. Not as swollen. Plus her stomach isn’t as distended. YAY!

With the help of anesthesia and all her meds, she’s been able to sleep really well most of the day.

(In fact, she JUST woke up after sleeping all but one hour today).

post central line replacement bloody face

She has so much sleep to catch up on, so the care team has said it’s fine to let her sleep it off.

Mom and Dad even got a good 2-hr nap in while she was in the IR room.

IR = Interventional radiology is the use of medical imaging techniques to guide doctors as they diagnose and treat certain problems with blood vessels and lymph vessels throughout the body. It is also called image-guided therapy.

They did a second draining of the stent at 5pm and got another 250cc out.

They’ll run it for a small amount of time twice a day.

post central line replacement and stomach stent

We’re hoping that by getting the fluids off her body, it will help alleviate many of the other issues.

Now we keep watching and waiting to see how she does.

Thank you for your continued prayers, encouragement, and kind words.

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