BMT DAY +143

If you’ve watched our Stories, you know Avery woke up throwing up.

She wasn’t keeping anything down and felt crummy.

Any cancer parent knows that any change in wellness comes w/a high degree of stress and worry.

What’s causing it? Is it the cancer?

With a compromised immune system, even without the added element of a pandemic, something as simple as a runny nose can be a challenge.

So we called the Dr.

The on-call nurse called back, suggested another dose of Ativan, and then said if she continued to throw up or developed more symptoms, we’d have to take her to the ER.

Us: Why not clinic?

Her: Because you don’t have insurance.

First, again, cancer parents will tell you the ER is the last place they want to take their immunocompromised child.

BMT day +143 ER rant

Second, WTH? If we’re on Medicaid we’re no longer allowed to come to clinic if she’s sick?!

rant// Our healthcare system is a disaster. Insurance should not be tied to our jobs. AND, Medicaid patients should not be treated any different than those with private insurance. //end

ALSO, with all the back & forth over the last week, SOMEONE missed the fact that Dad’s job automatically enrolled us in COBRA.

No one called from his job.

No one at the hospital checked before canceling BOTH appointments last week.

We’ve been rationing her medicines because they run out on Wednesday.

She hasn’t seen a doctor or had labs run in over 2 weeks.

We’ve talked to Medicaid a number of times to try to rush her application.


Today was a lot. We just wanted someone to tell us Avery was fine.

She felt better after a nap and some meds. A bit groggy, but better.

Once again, one of YOU came to the rescue w/a practical solution.

We’re working on COBRA. Since it was already been decided for us (HR knew about Avery and thought it was best).

We’re grateful she went forward with it; we simply need to pay for it.

Plus, probably at least 1 more month because Medicaid isn’t moving quickly.

We don’t want this to happen again.

Anyways, THANK YOU for helping.

For offering to help pay for it.

For praying for Dad’s job interviews.

For everything.

We can never fully express what this community means to us.

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