BMT DAY +145

Today was a lot better day.

Avery has been feeling well and was finally able to make it back to clinic.

Everyone was glad the insurance issue was worked out and we felt better knowing Avery looked well.

Her labs all looked perfect; she had both her TMA and pentamidine infusions, and no IVIG needed.

The doctors are impressed that she hasn’t needed any blood products since being discharged.

We’re impressed every day with how well she’s doing.

BMT DAY +145

ALSO… our Dream Trip Campaign was FULLY FUNDED!

We received a message showing the final amount was donated and we were crying.

I don’t know how many times we can say this or how many ways we can see this… Y’ALL ARE AWESOME!

Whether we need advice, prayers, encouraging words, or donations, all of you are there.

We have shared a couple other campaigns for those who were wanting to still donate.

You can find those in our Stories. We just want to help warriors too.

As always, keep our sweet girl lifted as we continue to work through this wean.

It’s one of the last humps we have to get over to just “be.”

Oh… one more thing. Her poor little nose.

It’s been running (clear) the past week and, on top of that, had a GVHD flare up.

So, it’s red from the nasal drip, sore from the GVHD, and dry from all of the rubbing.

It actually a lot better this evening after some steroid cream.

Okay. Now I’m really done.

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