BMT DAY +149

Avery and Ry had a sleepover at Ma & Papa’s house last night so Mom & Dad could get a bit of rest.

Of course, losing an hour with Daylight Savings Time wasn’t cool.

But, if you saw our Stories from last night, you know we had fun!

Avery was dancing with her aunts, eating every 2 hours, and even enjoyed a bath with Ry.

BMT DAY +149

They were both in bed by 9pm (early for our sleepovers with Ry), and up around 7am.

It’s the first time Avery spent a considerable amount of time away from both parents (Dad in particular), and she did great!

Other than looking around for Dad after first realizing he was gone, she adapted well.

Not to mention, we all had such fun entertaining both of the girls.

Furthermore, we haven’t seen many withdrawal symptoms this week and Avery seems to be slipping into a good routine.

All is looking well other than her poor skin.

BMT DAY +149

The GVHD flare ups still come and go, but the combination of the steroid creams and residuals of “chemo skin” really leave her dry and itchy.

Hopefully we can get a good grasp on it soon and help her skin start to heal.

Otherwise, her hair is coming in, she’s starting to get stronger, and we’re simply enjoying watching her go!

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