BMT DAY +153

Avery had a GREAT day!

And after upping the steroid creams, her GVHD looks amazing today.

She’s been playing, dancing, babbling, and smiling all day.

BMT DAY +153

Besides staying awake for 4 hours again last night, she’s truly having one of her best days today.

Of course, her next Methadone taper happened today, so we’ll see how it goes over the next 48 hours.

BMT DAY +153

We’re hoping it goes well based on the last one. She’s down to 0.4mL.

If this one goes well, we might be able to go down a full 0.1mL to get her through this wean even quicker (she’s currently going down 0.05mL with each taper).

BMT DAY +153

We’re thrilled with how she’s improving and can’t wait to see her fully healed one day soon.

One day at a time.


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