BMT DAY +154 | Happy 17 Months, Avi!

Look who’s “celebrating” another birthday at home!

Every birthday is an incredible milestone for this sweet girl because she fought hard to get here.

And she’s still in a great mood!

We’re carefully watching to see how she handles this taper.

Hoping that as we continue to go down in the dosage that her withdrawal symptoms will be easier too.

We’re super excited that in just one month (4/18) we’ll be leaving for Avery’s Dream Trip.

The 18th will be a travel day, but we’ll be throwing her a Moana-themed party on our first full day of the trip.

She was inpatient for her 1st birthday, so we’re going to make the best of her half birthday.

Thanks again to @campaignoaat and all of their work helping us make that trip happen, by the way.

And thanks to @brodinicholas for having us on LIVE today for “The Real Reality.”

Here’s to a good weekend for everyone and the hope that Avery does well with her wean.

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