BMT DAY +155

“The whole universe dances with joy when a baby smiles.”

– ApolloM

Seeing how happy Avery has been over the past week has truly lifted our spirits.

We’re anxiously awaiting to see how she handles the withdrawal symptoms that would typically start tomorrow.

But, for now, we’re simply enjoying how well she’s doing.

Mom and Dad decided to take Ry out for an outdoor lunch date, so Papa and I kept Avery.

Normally, she is sad when Mom & Dad are out of sight and continues to search the room for them.

Today, she showed a small frown when Mom handed her off, but was perfectly fine the rest of the stay.

BMT DAY +155

We watched her songs, played in the floor, and took a walk around the neighborhood.

When Mom & Dad got back, we took the girls to a new park we saw and Avery loved every minute of it.

Especially the super sized xylophone and stick!

She’s been so excited about doing everything that she hasn’t even napped. All day.

Plus, she loved the new camp chair we got her for our trip and decided she liked Cheerios again!

Fun fact: I put my finger in her mouth this week to count teeth and she has 10 in the front (top and bottom combined), as well as all 4 molars.

When she was discharged she had 2 on the bottom and was just starting to cut 2 on top.

That means she’s cut 12 teeth since she’s been home!

BMT DAY +155

No reason she’s been so miserable.

Hopefully now that those are all in, and her wean is tapering down, she can get back to being more her happy self.

What we’ve seen this past week has been very encouraging!

Keep going, Avi! 

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