BMT DAY +164

“Just keep swinging, just keep swinging, swinging, swinging.”

Yes, I know Dory swims… but Avery SWINGS.

As much as she can.

Papa and I stopped by to see the girls today and as soon as I picked up Avi she pointed to the door.

And then lunged for her swing.

So we pushed her and Ry on the swing.

She’s absolutely content out there and simply enjoys being outdoors. In her swing.

In other news, she’s feeding herself with great gusto now.

She seems very excited about the independence and newfound skill she’s found in her pincer grasp.

Plus, she’s getting better at holding her own bottle (something she had just begun to do pre-transplant).

And we still aren’t seeing any adverse reactions to the wean, so hoping we can avoid any more withdrawal symptoms as we finish out her wean.

It would be great to watch her just “be” as she begins to fully heal from her transplant.

This wean is one of the last big hurdles for her to jump over in order to just “be a toddler.”

Just keep… swinging… Avi!

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