bmt day +18 urgent prayer request

Avery’s care team is working on stopping an active bleed; still from her nose.

They’ve been working on it for about 3 hours now and are trying different techniques to stop the bleed.

She has been given more platelets and will most likely get even more in the morning.

They are also trying a sedation medicine (Precedex) to try to get her still.

They’ve wrapped her arms in three blankets and she still gets them out.

They need her to stop rubbing her face and aggravating the sores, causing them to bleed.

We just need the bleeding to stop.

One nostril currently has foam in it to help stop the bleed (per an ENT recommendation) and the other now has a blood clot.

This is keeping her O2 in the 80’s even with the blow-by oxygen.

They’re trying to find a mask to see if they can get it on her for more oxygen input.

She’s swallowing a lot of blood, which can upset her stomach more.

Plus, she’s becoming more aggressive; which the NP says can be common in VOD patients because the liver can’t process all of the meds properly.

We’re really pushing for them to stop the pain meds and wean her off other meds as well.

PLEASE lift her up. Pray. Send positive vibes. Yell out to the universe. Rub crystals.

It’s going to be a long night!

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