bmt day +18

Yep. We’re back to this.

First, numbers:

  • WBC: 3.0
  • Hgb: 9.1
  • Platelets: 17
  • ANC: 1590

That low platelets count? That’s most likely the reason for all the blood today.

She had a sore on her nose that started bleeding again and wouldn’t stop.

They tried a couple “tricks” to stop the bleeding, but nothing worked.

She then fell asleep and the blood apparently went down her throat.

She woke up to her Dad standing by her bed and freaked out so bad, started screaming, and blood went everywhere.

Needless to say, we’re still dealing with the bleeds and emotional/mental issues.

She received both blood and platelets today. Unfortunately, the Valium didn’t work.

In fact, within an hour of waking, she hit 4 people with her stick.

So, they’ve stopped the Valium and are trying Seroquel instead. We’re also hoping they can start weaning her off some of the pain meds soon.

We’ll see how things go with this med.

Now for good news:

Her liver numbers are improving! Plus, they were actually able to drain for 10 minutes, rather than 10 seconds, for the 75mL of fluid.

This means the fluid retention is getting better and the VOD medicine is working as it should.

She also slept better last night, only waking up at her normal times of 12am and 4am.

Thank you for continuing to support Avery through this time.

We knew BMT would be a hard road. It’s all trial and error since Avery can’t communicate with us.

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