After sleeping most of the day, Avery woke up late this afternoon ready to dance!

So, with her stick in hand, she danced. Without a care about her respiration or dry mouth, she just danced.

You can see her dancing here.

We’re hoping she’s truly starting to make a turn towards easier days ahead.

Today’s numbers:

  • WBC: 8.2
  • Hgb: 10.5
  • Platelets: 36
  • ANC: 2670

And although her VOD is still causing her to have a distended stomach, her lungs still look good.

They did an x-ray today and it showed her lungs were clear with no fluid inside.

But, they did find the reason behind her wispy breaths and non-existent voice.

Her throat is pretty swollen and it’s causing her to breath harder. This is why she’s still on oxygen. Most likely still residuals of the Mucositis.

They’ve started a 2-day/6 dose regimen of steroids to help clear that up.

Otherwise, she’s making strides and doing her best to get well.

She’s obviously ready to get back to playing, dancing, and “singing” along with her favorite songs!

Oh, as you can see, her face is on the mend. She slept well enough Mom was able to clean more blood off of it and she isn’t rubbing it while she sleeps.

Hopefully one more night of restful sleep without rubbing will bring even more results.

The VOD is still our biggest hurdle at the moment. We still need her body to have more output and for the fluids to leave her abdominal cavity.

For now, we’re celebrating today’s wins! It was a good day.

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