• WBC: 3.7
  • Hgb: 10.1
  • Platelets: 42
  • ANC: 2650

Her liver numbers are up a bit, but she had 2 wet diapers overnight and 2 more today!

But, they’ve all been ON HER OWN!

Her VOD medicine typically takes about 3 weeks and we’re starting week 3.

No blood products. No Lasix.

The main point of concern today was her throat because she doesn’t seem to want to swallow anything now.

They did a CT scan and now think it’s a bacteria in her throat causing the swelling.

The steroids didn’t help the swelling, so they’ve changed to an antibiotic to see if that helps clear it up.

She hasn’t had any sleep or pain medication today, but is still getting plenty of rest.

Otherwise, she had a quiet day at the hospital and we’re hoping she is turning a corner now.

Thank you again to everyone who participated in our Reels Q&A!

We had a great time answering questions and learning more about how we can help educate.

If you missed it, we put all of our Q&A sessions under the Q&A highlight on our Instagram profile.

OH! And look what made a reappearance today! 🥕

As always, thanks for being here!

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