BMT DAY +26 - post procedure update

The big news of the day (CBC-wise) was her platelets! We hope this means platelet engraftment is coming as it’s the last one.

  • WBC: 8.2
  • Hgb: 11.1
  • Platelets: 75
  • ANC: 4,100

As far as her procedures today:

They were able to replace her Central Line, as well as place a PICC line in her arm.

Some of her meds have capability issues, so this gives them an additional line to help with that.

The PICC line will be removed before going home; as will the Central Line (it will be replaced with a Port).

MRI results:

As the doctor put it, it wasn’t a “slam dunk.”

The way we understand it, her brain shows some possible areas lit up that show presentation of PRES.

But, because we once again caught it early and reacted proactively by stopping the medicine thought to cause it, it’s already reversing itself!

Finally, our biggest concern:

She didn’t have to be intubated!!

This was the number one thing we were going in circles about yesterday.

Today’s anesthesiologist told us she doesn’t like to intubate babies unless absolutely necessary, and it seems waiting one more day made it unnecessary.

So, no extubation worries. And, most importantly, no ventilator!

It was definitely a day of BIG WINS for our Avi.

But, as we said yesterday, we know Avery, we know her fight, we trust her little body.

BMT DAY +26 - Rocky stance
This photo had to be included because it reminded me of Rocky’s victory pose for some reason

I mean…

Same vibes, right?!

Finally, she’ll stay in ICU until her blood pressure comes back down and then it’s back to our BMT family!

She’s hanging out in her bed with her stick and her songs now.


Mostly, thank you for believing in our girl as much as we do.

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