This girl! We told them she was strong.

She slept most of the day yesterday, but during her wake times, she was calm and doing well.

Overnight, we actually got her to sleep in her bed! WIN!

She was awake from 2:30-6am, but she just laid in her bed watching her songs. WIN!

This morning already she did OT & PT, without fighting, screaming, or hitting anyone with her stick! WIN!

She hasn’t needed the blow-by O2 at all. WIN!

She doesn’t have any of the breathing concerns. WIN!

She was dancing a little! WIN!

Her face is clearing up nicely! WIN!

Her skin is not red like it’s been the past few weeks. WIN!

Her stomach is getting smaller and her VOD is improving! WIN!

She was more intentional with looking at us and focusing on things. WIN!

Finally, her platelet count doubled and is up to 75!! BIG WIN!

She is currently in the IR getting her Central Line replaced. She’ll then head straight into the MRI.

The anesthesiologist said she is going to do her best to avoid intubating her, but we’ll see how it goes.

She’ll go back to ICU tonight for observation, but we’re staying positive. After all the emotions of yesterday, it was so good for our hearts to see so many improvements this morning!

Final note: She was still on BMT protocol overnight. Nothing has changed in her treatment plan. We only moved to ICU early to hold the bed so anesthesia would feel comfortable doing today’s procedures.

Keep lifting up our girl! She is a fighter!

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