When we say this girl has FIGHT in her, we truly mean it.

Here is this morning’s update from ICU:

  • began weaning her off BP meds around 12am
  • completely off by 4am
  • slept through the night
  • O2 is at 100% (with no supplemental oxygen)
  • stable blood pressures
  • ICU NP says she looks PERFECT
  • ICU Dr said the same
  • As did Neurology
  • stopping sedation med
  • been dancing all morning

The BMT team said that as long as she remains stable after stopping the meds, she’ll move back to BMT unit later today!

Now, we just need her VOD to continue to improve, her poor lips to heal, and for her to start eating again!

She’s obviously got things to do and sitting in a hospital for weeks on end isn’t it.

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