• WBC: 6.2
  • Hgb: 11.8
  • Platelets: 17
  • ANC: 4320

If this silly girl is awake, she’s dancing.

Didn’t matter if it was 10:30pm last night or 4-6am this morning, she was dancing.

It’s obvious she’s feeling better, so we’re all feeling better.

Our day had an explosive start. Literally. In terms of her diaper at least.

The good thing is (1) we got her bath wipes in early and (2) she’s ridding her body of the extra fluids and all the meds.

Her weight and tummy measurements are both going back down to normal.

Plus, we’re not getting much out of the drain in her tummy, so we’ll move to 24 hour drains and then the shunt can come OUT!

But, she’s not only putting fluids out, she’s also taking them in!

So far today she’s had 2 bottles for a total of 2.5oz. It’s not a lot, but it’s a great start!

She hasn’t had anything by mouth in weeks, so we’re starting her off slow and it’s going well.

We’re day-to-day with everything, but definitely making improvements each day as far as what it takes to go home.

Oh! I finally remembered to ask about the platelets after someone mentioned it yesterday.

There’s no threshold for her platelets, just the ANC. They’ll check her platelets at clinic (2x/week) so she can get more there as needed.

Therefore, we need the VOD to completely clear up, her shunt to be removed, and for her to eat so we can go home!


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