We’re a month out from transplant!

It hasn’t been an easy journey for our sweet girl, but things have quickly progressed over the past few days.

For starters, Avery had another good day of dancing.

In fact, she even got dressed in regular pjs today and out of the hospital gown.

Plus, she was able to bust out of her hospital bed and play on the floor.

PT and OT both stopped by to play and help get her back to where she was developmentally before BMT.

Even better, she’s eating more! She’s still working on bottles, but she’s really liking her yogurt and baby foods again.

She’s never had trouble with eating, so we’re hoping she can go her entire journey without an NG Tube.

She received IVIG this morning, no blood products were needed, and her stomach drain has really slowed!

If tomorrow’s drain is still low, they’ll cap it, do an ultrasound to check the fluids, then REMOVE THE DRAIN if all looks good.

Removing the drain would be a huge win! It shows the VOD is improving and that’s one more step towards home!

We’re going to get a biopsy date soon too. The biopsy will show if her bone marrow has her donor’s cells, and how much of it.

Being 100% her donor would be great!

She still has a few hurdles to overcome, but we’re so close!

Keep going, Avi!

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