I asked her if she had anything she wanted me to add to her update today:


That’s basically her answer to everything.

As you might notice, she’s feeling great today! We brought another of her favorite toys to the hospital today and she’s really enjoying it.

Of course, it’s two-fold. Her PT said she needs to spend more time putting weight on her feet again, so this helps with that.

Not to mention, she’s getting some steps on as she circles the table to find new toys.

Additionally, her appetite is slowly increasing. She still seems to have an oral aversion to the bottle though.

We’re trying to find a solution that helps her get more fluids in her so we can avoid the NG Tube, if possible.

A Speech Therapist will be stopping by to help us (hopefully) find a solution so we can hydrate her better. Good news: they finally capped her tummy drain!

If everything goes well, she will get the drain removed tomorrow!

We celebrate that because it means we’re one step closer to home…And we don’t have to mess with it anymore! It’s not the easiest to work around, but we’re grateful it served it’s purpose well.

Also, they pulled blood yesterday to do a test to check her bone marrow for her donors blood!

We should get those results in about a week.

Otherwise, she’s looking great, playing, dancing, and just working hard to get home!

We’re simply hoping we’re nearing the end of this part of her journey and she can have a bit more “normalcy” moving forward.

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