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  • WBC: 4.0
  • Hgb: 11.9
  • Platelets: 25
  • ANC: 1190

Yes, I asked, her numbers still look great; it’s fine for them to go and and down.

In fact get nurse this morning kept commenting on how great all of her numbers look (beyond the ones we share here).


Her drain is out! Her ultrasound showed very little fluid in her abdominal cavity, so they took out the shunt!

Seriously so excited to have this gone. It makes her easier to carry/handle… and she can wear normal clothes again.

It’s the little things, right?!

She’s still taking fluids (via syringe), but we’ve ordered the Honey Bear bottle (suggested by several of you yesterday) and it should be here today!

The Speech Therapist said she’d stop by and show us how to use it. So hopefully we get that figured out soon.

But, because she’s getting enough formula each feeding to last as long as 6 hours on an NG Tube… she doesn’t have to get one of those either!

They’ll also be tapering her off her TPN (Total parenteral nutrition) to 18 hours instead of 24.

This should her appetite increase more because she’ll be getting less of her nutrients through her Central Line.

And, she’s enjoyed playing, dancing, and taking a walk around the unit today!

Just really kickin’ booty.

We’re not putting a date on going home because we’ve learned to never do that, but we re hopeful she’ll be home by Thanksgiving!

She improves so much every day and inspires all of us here with her.

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