So far, we’ve had over 82 gifts purchased for our Holiday Toy Drive!

HEA - Holiday Toy Drive Instagram Post

We sent our Child Life Specialist the video from yesterday (in IG Stories under mail highlight) and she was so excited!

We can’t wait to give them to the kids on CCBD this Christmas! (CCBD = Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders)

We’re going to request the BMT patients get them first, and then to the other patients on the floor.The rate we’re going, each child on the floor will get a present or two!

There’s still plenty of time to donate! The WishList can be found here.


Unfortunately, weaning off all these meds can take it’s toll.

Avi’s had a low grade fever most of the day and has been sleeping it off.

They’re running cultures and started antibiotics, just in case, but we’re hoping it’s just the meds.

Pray it’s just the meds and she starts feeling better tomorrow as more meds leave her body

.It’s a process, but we all know how resilient she is.

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